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    Cardamom & Chia Muesli

    I’ve been itching to make my own homemade Muesli so I’m excited to be finally sharing this because this recipe definitely hits the spot. Boxed cereals are often loaded with sugar and are far less balanced, so I absolutely love the dried fruit and nuts in here to add in some extra vitamins and healthy fats. Adding in chia seeds isn’t traditional, but I love adding these in, as they pack extra fiber and omega-3 punch. Interestingly enough, Muesli was invented by a Swiss physician as an appetizer, but I personally eat this like I would any breakfast cereal – in the morning right after I wake up and get…

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    5 Nutrients That Boost Immunity

    With worries of coronavirus, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the role nutrition can play in building immunity. While proper nutrition will not cure any cold/flu, making sure your immune system has everything it needs to fight illness, mitigate symptoms, and decrease the risk of getting sick in the first place is essential. Research shows that people who are deficient in one or more nutrients are generally more susceptible to infection, and these infections can be more severe and last longer. Help your immune system out during this time by making sure these 5 nutrients are included in your diet Zinc recommended intake: 8-11 mg…