• Veganish Mac and Cheese

    Vegan-ish Mac and Cheese

    Now, I’m a big fan of both vegan mac and cheese and regular mac and cheese. Some days I want something creamy and cheesy and delicious, and other days I want something a bit lighter, healthier, and vegan. Today though, I’m going to share a recipe that mixes the best of both worlds. The little bit of added dairy to this recipe truly makes it taste like mac and cheese, but the majority of the sauce comes from plants. Win-Win! You’re not going to miss authentic mac and cheese when you try this. If you are totally vegan, you are more than welcome to use plant-based milk and nutritional yeast…

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    Cardamom & Chia Muesli

    I’ve been itching to make my own homemade Muesli so I’m excited to be finally sharing this because this recipe definitely hits the spot. Boxed cereals are often loaded with sugar and are far less balanced, so I absolutely love the dried fruit and nuts in here to add in some extra vitamins and healthy fats. Adding in chia seeds isn’t traditional, but I love adding these in, as they pack extra fiber and omega-3 punch. Interestingly enough, Muesli was invented by a Swiss physician as an appetizer, but I personally eat this like I would any breakfast cereal – in the morning right after I wake up and get…

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    Banana Carrot Walnut Muffins

    Breakfasts can be tough, especially during the weekdays when you’re rushing out the door. I’m a big fan of “grab-and-go” options you can eat on your commute or as soon as you get to work so these muffins are perfect. Instead of being super carb-heavy, there is a good balance of healthy fats and yes, even veggies in these which are notoriously hard to get into your morning! Pair with a hard-boiled egg, glass of milk, yogurt, etc. to balance your breakfasts out. Enjoy!

  • Sweet Potato Pierogis

    Sweet Potato & Mushroom Pierogies

    This recipe is one of my absolute favorite go-to’s when I want to make something homemade and delicious that I can have over and over again. Pierogis are a fan fav, and making these with sweet potato and mushroom adds even more savory goodness. What I love in particular with this recipe is the fact that it makes so many pierogis that can be frozen and saved for later. Frozen meals are such a great thing to have on hand during the week when we’re all extra busy and not interested in spending over an hour in the kitchen whipping something up, and the beauty of this recipe is I…

  • Healing Soup

    Healing Vegan Broth

    During the winter months, there is really something extra delightful about sipping on warm broth, and not only is this broth delicious, but it’s easy to make. If you’re not already tossing veggie scraps in your freezer, now is the time to get started. This is something I’ve been doing for a while as not only does homemade broth tastes infinitely better than store bought counterparts, but it’s much cheaper. A win win! Overall, I like to make sure the majority of this broth is onion based and anything else added in will depend on what I have on hand, what amount of carrots/celery/leeks/mushrooms I was able to throw in…

  • Elderberry Syrup

    Elderberry Syrup

    Elderberries are one of the most tried-and-true remedies during the winter months to promote wellness and healing. Rich in vitamin C, flavonols, and anthocyanins, these compounds all help to boost immunity and studies have shown that elderberry syrup preparations can reduce length and severity of cold/flu symptoms. This is so much cheaper to make than buying elderberry syrup and health and wellness stores, and it’s entirely customizable in terms of what other herbs and species you can add to it. I chose to add cinnamon and ginger but other delicious ideas include cardamom, vanilla bean, nutmeg, etc. Be creative! 1 tbsp of this finished syrup can be taken up to…

  • Corn Black Bean Salad

    Corn & Black Bean Summer Salad

    This recipe was really inspired by the idea that I did not want to make another basic green salad AND I’ve been really craving elotes lately. Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love salad, but at some point it’s good to switch things up. So what do I come up with? A deconstructed elote with a few additions that can be eaten like a salad. Voila! This corn & black bean summer salad is the perfect compliment to any barbecue, party, Taco Tuesday, you name it. It’s also incredibly easy to make You really don’t even have to own a grill. I’m constantly “grilling” my veggies on a…

  • Carrot Tomato Zinger Soup

    Carrot Tomato Zinger Soup

    When I’m feeling under the weather, or am in need of something to make me feel cozy and warm, soup is a go-to for me. The start of colder weather always ushers in new ideas for how I can perfect this already near perfect food. I wanted to make something creamy but also balanced. I find that cream-based soups can get really heavy, real quick, and the combination of acidity from the tomatoes with the zinginess of the ginger is just right. This won’t sit heavy in your stomach.